The Hope Rising Project is a personal blog, documenting my personal journey of finding HOPE through faith, music, travel and community. Documenting my story of turning pain into triumph. The journey that has fueled my life’s worked and helped me find my purpose as a Mental Health/ Substance Abuse Counselor.

I have lived through many dark days with depression, I have contemplated ending my own life. I have know what it is to feel absolutely hopeless. But, I have felt the light of HOPE inching its way through the darkness in my life, like a sunrise pushing back the night.

I believe in the power of storytelling at every point of the journey. I aim to be transparent, and in doing so, inviting others to be a part of the conversation surrounding mental health and stigma.

In time I hope to build this project into an online and real-life community that can provide resources and treatment to those in need. A community that will be a part of one another’s stories, and as a result building HOPE for one another.

There is no place more dangerous for a person who struggles then to be in isolation.
So I call to you, to step out of the darkness and reach out to others.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hoperisingproject/
Twitter: @hoperisingproj


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